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The Quilting Clutter Cure

Transform your quilting studio from a cluttered mess to a calm, creative space that inspires you...

...so that you can find what you need when you need it without digging through piles or opening a zillion drawers and without feeling overwhelmed...

...even if you've tried to get it all organized before, have a small space or multiple work spaces.

Not just another New Year's resolution!

The Quilting Clutter Cure system focuses not only on fabric, pattern, tool and notion storage, but also on decluttering and organizing the main functional areas of quilting within your quilting space to help you STAY organized!

In The Digital Clutter Cure you will:

  • Find out what to do if you are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of boxes and bags to go through not only in your sewing room, but also “hidden” in closets, under the sewing machine, dressers or among stuff in the garage.
  • Discover the insider approach to getting started so you don’t lose your motivation and give up even if you have a limited budget, a small space or don’t have a dedicated space. With this approach you will never have remove everything from your space and then add things back in (unless you want to!).
  • How to find the courage to get rid of the stuff that you really don’t want or need rather than just moving it around so that your kids or grandkids don’t have to deal with it one day.
  • Discover how to find the perfect storage containers so that you can see your stuff or know where it is before frustration steals your joy. 
  • How to fold, sort, organize and store ALL of your fabric so that you DON'T have to: 
  • Go through multiple drawers or bins to find it even if you store it in too many places (second bedroom, closet, cabinet, and basement) and your husband swears that he can hear the fabric multiplying in the 24 plus boxes in the closet (he doesn’t know what’s in the attic :-)
  • Pull it all out only to end up playing with the beautiful fabric instead and not accomplishing a thing. 
  • Go out and buy what you need instead of using your stash even if you’ve organized and reorganized so many times before. 
  • Discover how to sort, organize and store your scraps even if you tend to keep scraps of fabric that are often too little for anything other appliqué  flowers or button covers so you can function and don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Find out how to organize and store ALL of your patterns (paper patterns, downloaded, drawings or photos of patterns), books and magazines as well as links to quilting or sewing sites, instructions on how to use specialty notions and instructions on quilting techniques even if you feel caught in the middle of paper and digital or obsessed with printing ‘free patterns off of Facebook or anywhere else that you see them.
  • Discover ways to document, organize and store everything for projects you have not yet finished as well as your future projects in a visible and efficient way until you have the time and energy to work on them so you can remember what you planned to do and what you need to finish them when you look at it a few months from now and so you don’t forget about them and purchase new projects.
  • Find out what tools you REALLY need without having to research what is available even if you are a beginner or are planning to downsize as well as the insider approach to organizing the small items such as pencils, markers, small rulers, seam rippers that don’t sit out all of the time so that you can grab them easily and don’t wind up buying more unnecessarily.
  • Discover what to do with equipment and unique items you don’t want to dig out for each use or what to do with zippers, Velcro, patches and other items you don’t keep a lot of but when you need it you don’t want to look in a bunch of boxes to find. 
  • PLUS: How to STAY organized even if you are busy with a back log of projects or you get caught up in the design process and don't want to deal with the mess at the moment so you don't take away from your quilting time.
  • AND, much MUCH more.. 

When You Enroll in The Quilting Clutter Cure
Here's What You Get

(6) LIVE
Training Sessions
($150 value)

Join me on Zoom for 60 minutes of LIVE training.

Download printable worksheets that will keep you focused and making progress. 

(6) LIVE Get It Done
Work Sessions
($90 value)

Join the community on Zoom for a 60 minute LIVE working session and Q&A.

Use these 'Get It Done' sessions to work on your trouble spots.

Extra Week of
LIVE Training
($30) value)

This Zoom session will focus on your Next Steps Plan including how to stay organized.

PDF Quilt Journal
($29 value)

Aligned with The Quilting Clutter Cure content, this journal will help you get AND stay organized.

Organizing Resources
($19 value)

Get my SECRET file of organizing resources and tools.

Private Facebook Group

Share your progress with an engaged and supportive community to help keep you motivated and stay accountable.

* Starting March 21, 2023, LIVE Trainings (Tuesdays) and LIVE Work Sessions (Wednesdays and Thursdays) will be at 1:30pm ET.  All sessions will be recorded and posted in your learning portal in case you can't make it to the LIVE session.

What are other Quilters saying about
The Quilting Clutter Cure?

 I liked the way everything was broken down into doable steps, it helped me stopped feeling overwhelmed by the space. I love the pdf's and am so happy to have them to refer to as I try to maintain my new storage solutions. The FB group was very helpful, just being able to see other people's progress was a great way to stay motivated -- I loved seeing all the empty containers and shelf space! Ditto for teaming up with a partner (highly recommended). The course helped me work with the space I have available to me and feel good about it. I loved the Get It Done sessions! I found it easier to stay focused on the task at hand knowing that there was a whole group of us working toward the same goal at the same time.   

Lisa H.

 The information shared each week was very helpful. It guided me to develop a vision for my space, something I had never done before. The practical information provided was most helpful, from establishing an efficient workspace, to folding fabric, to cataloging patterns (especially appreciated the guidance re digital files!), to maintaining progress. The lessons emphasized this was my project, so I could tweak and adjust as needed

Susan D.

The workbooks are very thorough and will serve as good reference material. Jen was an excellent instructor, very professional and engaging. I liked everything about the course. It covered all areas in a sewing studio and level of quilter. While the course covers different areas each week, it allows flexibility to revisit an area in order to complete the tasks.   

Christine G.

I was so impressed by Jen's research. I have learned something in each lesson. They have made me think and feel good about my accomplishments. I also liked having a week between each lesson. It's a positive approach to decluttering your head, as well as your sewing space. 

Katie M.

I loved everything about it. Such a well put together and organized program. So many things I never thought of! You spent a lot of time designing this and it shows. I got so many ideas from it. Took lots of notes on the weekly handouts. You also have such a soft (not sure if this is the right word!) voice to listen to. Very calming and easy to listen to. Your thoughts were always so well organized. 

Abbie B.

This was an amazing opportunity to get me moving forward. I had been paralyzed for so long not having any idea how to begin. The support from others was fabulous and having Jen lead us on a structured journey was just what I needed. Thank you! 


All in all, I would tell someone that if you want practical tips about how to create a more serene sewing space, take this course. And if you really want to be a thoughtful quiltmaker, rather than a frenzied person who chases after shiny objects, then you will learn that in this course too.

Sherry K.

This course covered all the issues that come with a hobby. Breaking it down into parts makes a huge task doable. I did a similar class a couple years ago where we spent 15 mins on a single task (notions, magazines, thread) daily. Nice but it didn’t solve the bigger issues of efficiency and comfort. I liked that you started with the big picture and worked down to minutia.

Kim V.

Course Pricing


Starting March 21, 2023, the Live Trainings (Tuesdays) and Working Sessions (Wednesdays or Thursdays) are all scheduled to start at 1:30pm ET to accommodate as many time zones as possible.  Each session will last approximately 1 hour.

Don't worry!  All sessions will be recorded and posted in your learning portal.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a Welcome Email with the training schedule.  I will be reaching back out to you in the coming weeks with access details for the trainings and work sessions as well as the private Facebook Group (optional).

No!  All LIVE sessions will take place on Zoom and all of The Quilting Clutter Cure content (including video replays) will be in your learning portal so you don't have to be on Facebook or any other platform to access it.  We do have a private Quilting Clutter Cure Facebook Group that is incredibly motivating, but even if you aren't on Facebook, you can still connect with other students at our weekly Get It Done sessions which are held on Zoom.

No worries! Because this is an online course, it doesn't matter where you live.  International students are always welcome, and in fact, bring a wonderful, fresh perspective to the group.  If you can't make it to any of the LIVE Training or Work Sessions, the video replays will always available in your learning portal.

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